Joystick HOMING

I using a cheap “USB joystick board” all the inputs work in gSend. I can HOME from the Screen button, keyboard shortcut, and terminal $H.
But I can’t trigger a HOME from any joystick button I assign to it.
I monitored the terminal and the nothing gets sent when I try to HOME from the joystick. As a further test I created a one line macro “myhome” with the oneline “$H” if I click the onscreen macro “myhome” the macro work, but if I set a joystick button to trigger that macro it also doesn’t activate. I can do everything I need via my homemade joystick box except trigger HOMING.
EDIT forgot to add version 1.1.7

Are you sure the button works? Try assigning a different function to the button as a test. Might be a good rule out.

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I’m 100% sure the buttons work. I did try to reassign to different buttons. This is the only command that doesn’t work. I normally use UGS and have been trying to switch to Gsender. This is the only thing keeping me from switching.

Also when configuring it, when I click the button it shows on the test screen which button I clicked, so Gsend is getting the signal.

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Hmm. That was all I could come up with. There are a lot of super savvy folks around here, though, so I’m sure someone else will be more helpful!