Joystick /Keyboard issue

I add a Joystick to my machine. The gSender do not support it so i am using a small app called Keystick to emulate a keyboard. The software works properly, i can see the keys and key combinations are active and work well, for example if i open a Notepad++ i see all the keys are properly emulated.
In the same time the gSender do not work with them, or to be more precise work on a strange way. Initially my combinations was Crt+Key, in this configuration i got a single jog at the end of the symbol sequence. What i mean i set to sent a repetitive combinations CTR+K for example , and i have the jog on the last one.
After that i try to use only single key shortcuts, instead CTR+K i set only K, but didn’t work at all.
I try also trough the Windows onscreen keyboard it also do not work.
Is there are a specific what how those settings to be made ?