Joystick recommendations?

I’m upping my CNC game and I want to add a joystick. Can anyone suggest one that they’ve had good experience with? I’m using a Longmill, and I’m also getting the Sienci laser any day now.

Also, should it be wired or wireless?


Any 3rd party device, be it a gamepad controller or joystick simple works better when it comes with its own mapper program. And wireless is the best. There is enough to trip over. LOL


I bought a Logitech F301 from Amazon for a reasonable price. It’s a wired controller but with my setup and laptop location, the wire doesn’t present a problem for me. I programmed it through the setup program in GSENDER and it’s doing everything I need it to do, and doing it well!

Bob, perhaps you mistyped? Did you mean F310?

You’re right - F310. Actually there was a cheaper wireless controller on Amazon, not a name brand, but I could never seem to get it working with my MacBook. Just returned it and ordered the Logitech for a few dollars more.

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