Just Ordered My LongMill MK2

I wanted to say that I ordered my LongMill MK2 30x30 today! For me, this is a huge step forward. I have been researching, fretting and figuring for the better part of FOUR months! Looked at spending upwards of 15,000 USD for an industrial CNC but lost sleep over it. I want to integrate it into my workshop and have it assist with some cool projects that I have in my head.

A special thanks to IDC Woodcraft’s Garrett Fromme for his in-depth review of the LongMill MK1. In my head, if the 1st version was that well made, how can I go wrong with the 2nd version right?

Now that I am in the queue for a unit, I can work on other needs: windows based laptop (I’m a Mac guy), workbench to place my CNC on and of course software to design what’s in my head. VCarve Pro is going to be my software. I want to learn the software once, not multiple times when I hit a ceiling and need to find something else.

I am quite impressed with this forum and as soon as I come up with a business name, I will get a Facebook account and join there too.

Thanks for listening to me. I look forward to being a useful participant on this forum.

Be Safe!


You don’t necessarily have to switch to a PC. The Mac does have software that is quite usable and can drive a LongMill through gSender. For CAD, there are several options, including free (FreeCad, for example) and paid options. For CAM, MeshCam is pretty good.


Appreciate the response Michael. The rest of the story is that I don’t want to expose my Mac to my shop environment. I have boot camp on my Mac and actually used it to go through the tutorials on the trial version of VCarve Pro. May get a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can keep the Windows laptop away from the CNC too. I have a flat panel TV mounted to the wall already that I can use for a monitor.

I am very excited to do this. It has been a long time coming!

Be Safe!

Congratulations! You’re going to love it (I have a beta MK2). I agree that IDC review video absolutely is a clincher - and yes, the MK2 lives up to the ruggedness he shows in his review of the MK1.

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Thanks Ed! My excitement is definitely over the top! Mostly because I made a decision I could afford and that I am embarking on a new and exciting adventure! Built a new woodworking shop during the pandemic. It is heated and cooled and less than 30’ from the back door of the house! I want to make custom badges, wall hangings and memory boxes for public safety. I have other ideas for projects as well.

Thank you for sharing about the MK2. Going to finish up on a project that I’m currently working on and it will be time to make the bench for my LongMill.

I ordered my MK2 about 3 weeks ago,just setting up to build the table.Can anyone tell my the size of the outside edge of the longmill MK2 and its cutting size inside???

This link will show you table mounting information and dimensions of the LongMill MK2:

Here is the drawing from the MK2 webpage. Not sure if there actually any difference between the MK1 dimensions and the MK2.

Going to build my table soon, along with a clamshell desk for the computer.

Can’t wait to learn about this amazing piece of equipment.

I just went with a used ebay Dell Win 10 laptop, got the keyboard cover but it mostly stays in a drawer under the table. I have used everything from a 7 inch on a stand to a larger monitor, you really don’t need a lot to bring up files and send the the Gcode. One bit of advice, don’t plan on using 48" top unless you plan to mount the electronics below the table. I went with 48" top, the electronics fit between the first and center machine legs. just to tight in refection, I ended up using plastic between the electronics pack and the rails/axis motors etc., just not worth the bother, buy another sheet and save the headaches!


I’m right there with you! I’m on day 15 of my order of the MKII and each day the excitement and anticipation grow! Garrett was the main reason I ordered the LM. I originally was going to go with Bobs CNC, however I feel I’ll be able to grow and have much better results with the LM! Table is built, dust collection plumbed, projects mocked, just need to wait another 8-10 weeks! It’s like waiting for Christmas all over again!


I ordered my LongMill MK2 on New Years Day, to bring the New Year in right! Garrett Fromme’s in-depth review of the LongMill is also what drove me to my purchase decision. I had not even heard of LongMill before that.

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First of all, welcome to the forum! I went to fix a typo in my response and ended up deleting it. I will need to pay better attention to my spelling before I hit reply!

I too am patiently awaiting my LongMill. It appears to be a good unit for the price spent. I am finishing up on a couple of projects and then I will be ready to build my table and get the spot of the shop ready for the CNC.

Please keep in touch and stay active on this forum as your adventure into CNC begins. I think that is where the real magic is. People helping each other!

Be safe!

I have also ordered a MK2 about 3-4 weeks ago. Has anyone heard any updates on when they will start shipping out? When I ordered it said end of Feb start of March.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Did you see the posting from the Sienci owner? He gave a quick update and there was a list. There were 840 order numbers before mine. I ordered mine on the last day of January. Have a look around, you can find that post.

I have a table to build, software to purchase and an enclosure for my computer yet to do…… oh yea and dust collection.

Once again welcome, and stay active here!