Keyboard shortcut bug in Edge 1.2.5

I had several keyboard shortcut in Edge 1.2.4 to run macros that I have written.

Installing 1.2.5 appears to have deleted all those shortcuts and turned them off. The macros are still listed in the available shortcuts menu, but the shortcuts have all been deleted.

Hey Grant, I saw your ticket and also Kevin told me you had a post so I thought I’d reply here so other people can see as well.

Basically the long and short of is it the team decided that shortcuts needed to be handled in a slightly different way on the newest Edge build (and in your defence, it wasn’t made clear in the release notes that this was the case) but as an outcome it only effects shortcuts for macros but shouldn’t impact anything else.

I’m not sure how many macros shortcuts you’ve got :dizzy_face: but apparently because of the restructure it’s hard to carry over for macros in particular. I’ll take the hit for your pain since I know you’re just trying to help us out by testing new builds - I guess in their minds though it was something worth updating in the long-run and that you would’ve experienced on the next main build anyway

For a solution, as you mentioned:

Thankfully, I have not installed 1.2.5 on the PC connected to my Mill, so I still have a good version. Can you tell me what file the shortcuts are stored in so that I can copy it from the connected PC to the test PC? I assume this can be done so that I don’t have to re-enter all the shortcuts.

This file can be found in: C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\gSender\preferences.json

but he mentioned that since the shortcut layouts are now structured differently you’d likely have to either reset them all manually or change the command keys entry to have the existing keys you set. I’ll still ask if they can find a workaround for the main release but we’ll have to see. Sorry for the pain :melting_face:

@chrismakesstuff Tks much for the detailed reply, Chris. Luckily for me, I installed 1.2.5 only on my “test” PC running the test Uno. The PC that is connected to the Mill is still running 1.2.4. With that being the case, I will decide if the benefits to going to 1.2.5 outweigh this drawback. Other than the bugs that I reported in 1.2.4, it has been rock solid. And, if I am going to go through this with every release, I may well skip one. :grinning:

No worries Grant! And also to clarify it shouldn’t be something to expect to happen on every release :slightly_smiling_face: just something that’s sometimes needed when tweaks come along

Above all, I hope you’ve noticed and been able to enjoy the significantly lighter RAM usage and faster loading times of 1.2.5 - we’re hoping that it makes for a drastic improvement on peoples experiences with gS as well as increases reliability sending larger files on older hardware

@chrismakesstuff Since I have not yet installed the latest on the “production” PC, I’ve not seen the good stuff. I expect that I will bite the bullet and install it downstairs. It’s not a big deal. I can take a screen cap of the macro shortcuts in 1.2.4, then re-input them in 1.2.5. I’ll report back when I’ve played with it a while.

@chrismakesstuff I did install 1.2.5 on my “production” PC, Chris and the load time is much improved. I recorded all my macro shortcuts in 1.2.4 before installing 1.2.5, and re-entered them, so all is well on that front now.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve opened another topic on the feed rate bug. Other than that, all seems well.