Keyboard shortcut for "probe" button

I would like to be able to set a keyboard shortcut to activate the probe button in gSender. Pic is attached.




… but, be sure it can individually activate “Z”, “XYZ”, “XY”, “X” and “Y”. Please?

@CrookedWoodTex Not a bad idea, Tex. but I can live with baby steps. :grinning: I don’t know that I would want 6 more shortcuts.

Perhaps the smart techs at Sienci can figger out how we can pass parameters with one macro. :wink:

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We’ll look at adding a shortcut to open the probe window with the selected routine and one to cycle through routines (similar to jog speed cycle keybind).

I think probing was left out originally because certain routines require user input (like bit diameter)


Hi. I have the same issue with game controller shortcuts. There are only two probe related shortcuts available and neither initiate the probing cycle. Seems an odd design choice especially if someone has the very cool auto touch block. I could only make one of the short cuts do anything.
Workflow is: use the controller to jog the router close to the touch block; walk back over to the computer and use the mouse on the GUI to click the probe button; walk back to the Longmill and touch the block to the endmill; Click a button on the controller to begin the auto probe cycle.
I would like to see a way to use short cuts to select axis for probing, bring up the probe window with the touch test, then initiate the probe cycle.
Failing this I wonder if there is an API for gsender so I could write some Python app to do the same.

@wilf_yyz In Edge 1.2.4, there are available keyboard shortcuts to open the probe module and start the probe cycle.

My workflow is: use my touchpad/controller to position the bit over the touch plate. Touch the icon on my touch pad that opens the probe module. Touch the block to the bit to confirm continuity. Touch the icon on my touch pad to run the probe cycle. Works like a charm. I only have to look at the monitor to confirm connectivity. I don’t have to touch my mouse at all.

I also have shortcuts to select the bit size and the zeroing cycle that I want - z only, xyz, etc.

Thanks. I have not looked at Edge yet. What type of controller are you using? I have the logitech F710.

@wilf_yyz I’m using an android tablet and an app called Touch Portal.

I wrote it up here

I’ve added buttons since I wrote that up and changed the looks of others. The additions are mainly to take advantage of the added probe keyboard shortcuts in Edge.

I started with a game controller, then moved to a wireless keypad and finally landed on this. For me, it’s ideal. I can have all the buttons that I want, they are big enough for my old eyes and the price was right.