Keymap jogging - needs work

I will fill out the Google form and I will definitely be posting other observations, but here is my first impression of the jogging feature.

Using the gui buttons, and holding down the mouse buttons, the jogging is smooth and the Mill stops when I release the mouse button.

Using the keyboard shortcuts,the jogging is also smooth. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, sometimes when the keys are released, the Mill keeps on going, until it slams into the end stops, or, in the case of the Z axis, the bit slams into the spoil board and snaps. Not good. I can’t figure out the combination of moves that make this happen. Some times, things go the way they should. Other times, it just keeps on joggin’.

Yet, other times, after jogging a few times with the keys, everything freezes. The only way to get the Mill back is to disconnect and re-connect.

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Grant, I had the same issue over and over. Very disconcerting. I think it’s switch debounce - it doesn’t recognize the push as a single push, so if you hold it more than very briefly it counts another. By the way, where is the Google form? I didn’t get a link to the beta or to the form.

@BillKorn, I believe I sent along a private message to you on the forum yesterday :cowboy_hat_face:

@gwilki will look for your notes in the google form

@chrismakesstuff I wasn’t clear. I can’t find the google form. I did not get an email or an PM with a link to it and I can’t find a link on the forum.It seems that Bill is in the same boat.

The “New Sienci Sender in Development” message string on the forum is what I’m referring to. Sorry if my messages haven’t been reaching you guys

Check it out