Kreg 44x64 workbench with Longmill 48x30?

Anyone know if the Longmill 48x30 will fit well on a Kreg 44x64 work bench? It’s the largest work bench kit they make. I’m trying to plan out me eventually getting the 48x30. But I really don’t want to spend a lot of time building the work table… These Kreg benches are very easy to build so I was hoping to use one, but I’m wondering if it will be too small…

You can see the dimensions for the LongMill on this page. It says 1090x1590mm that’s approximately 43x62 1/2 inches. So the LongMill will just barely fit and the Y motors might extend beyond the back of the table, they aren’t included in the measurement.

Thanks, figured it would be close. I know the recommend table size is a good amount larger than that. I suppose I could ad a larger piece on top of the regular top but that would kinda defeat the purpose of using a kit…

I laminated a piece of ¾” MDF to a sheet of plywood which makes a fairly rigid top. Doing that should allow you cantilever of the top over the edge of the workbench to get some extra space.

Yeah that’s probably what I’ll do.

want a simple table - any size - try the 2x4 basics workbench. just built 1 for my 48x30 thats coming. Leg brackets got at lowes online for $65. Built my table 8’x4’ in about less than an hour. has 2 lower levels for shelves if you choose. I just used the lower lever and did not put on middle level. They say it will hold a 1,000lbs plus.

That’s a mega coincidence! I just ran across these about an hour ago and I got very excited. It’s good to have someone with actual experience with one. How’s it feel? Nice and sturdy? Does it seem fairly level?

since I don’t have my LM yet I have not fastened the tops down to the table yet. just the bottom. Its pretty sturdy, wish it was a bit lower, and has a little table shake yet because I have not screwed the top panel down yet. I am happy with it so far wish I got one of these sooner to just to have another table around. I threw a level on it and it was canted to one side but still between the center center markings. Its in my oversized garage and all garage floors are slanted a bit. I expect to level it before mounting the LM. Seems pretty darn sturdy especially for a 70lb cnc machine lol. made mine 8’x4’ so i have an extra 2.5 feet or so to use for control box, laptop, accessory storage, possibly an enclosure. hope that helps some.

Awesome thanks for the info!

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Please let us know if you go with the Kreg and how it works out for you. This is something I’m very interested in as well.

I actually went with the 2x4 basics, that way I can make it any size I want. I’ll probably go full 4x8 like the other person who commented. If you’re in the US, they are on sale on for $65 bucks down from $100. I bought two of them and I’m going to pick them up next week. They are pretty well rated so I think they will work out fine…

If I had the money I might have just bought the Kreg, but since I’m having to save up for this, I have to save a penny wherever I can…

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