Laminate or hardwood Floor material for CNC carving

Did anyone use Laminate floor material for carving or any cnc project. Most of the laminate build on MDF and upper coating is not more than 2-9 MM.



@Hamdan I didn’t reply to this sooner as I have never tried to do anything on laminate flooring. I have carved on oak flooring. The laminate flooring that I have installed is quite thin. You can do v carving in it, I suppose. You mention laminate with an mdf core. I’ve done a lot of carving in mdf and melamine covered mdf. It mills fine. Terrible dust and it dulls bits very quickly, as the glue is very abrasive, but it does mill well. Some laminate flooring uses pvc core and other flooring uses vinyl. You can carve all of them. I guess it’s stating the obvious to say “run tests”.