Laptop w/monitor or desktop?

Hello I’m new here and also new to the CNC community as a whole. I am ordering a Longmill MK2 30x30 and I am ordering a new computer to run it but I don’t know if a desk top or lap top is a better option. I would only be using it for the CNC and also youtube for tips and tutorials. any input is appreciated and i’m excited to get my CNC and do some learning

Welcome to the group. It really does not take much of a computer to run the LongMill. I just use an old (14 year old) laptop for the LongMill, and a new laptop for my design work, and Utube videos. I transfer the files with a cheap thumb drive. Just my two cents worth.


I think I’ll fire up my old lap top. Thanks for the input Oz

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I agree with Oz, old cheap laptop works just fine for the Longmill and a cheap thumb drive. Old cheap desktop would work too. I do build my own hybrid boxes for the CAD side of things, more power, more faster, more $

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I am anxiously awaiting my MK2 and purchased a refurbished dell laptop from dell. Additionally, I dug out an old flat panel monitor I had boxed up for years, got a cable with an hdmi end and a dvi end and now I have dual monitors. I’m a Mac guy so this whole windows thing is somewhat frustrating to me. I have an old MacBook Pro from 2011 that I will load gsender software on. I do believe a workspace with my windows laptop and monitor in the shop will be good. I have a decent plan for a clamshell desk designed for shop use.
Welcome to the forum @erinnapizzuti @wpgstreetglide. Seems like good folks here that will help with the new guy issues.

Be safe!

So new CPU and GPU, chuck out the hard drive and put in a new one and don’t use it for anything else. You might need an operating system of some sort and windows will cost a few bucks more but it will work for a few weeks, OS’s…
New hard drive means no pre-installed anything!

As a side note, I did put an old laptop out in the driveway with a hammer next to it and my wife took care of it

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