Large 4-Connect

It happens that I finished a big 4Connect this week. Order came from my girlfried and it is planned to be used on her wedding next week. Dimensions are approximately 80x80cm. Some pictures I made in-between are attached.

Starting point was drilling holes, screwing down all later cutouts and then milling out both side panels at once. Used a 1/8" bit with diamond-shaped cutting edge to prevent tearout:

Next gueing on some spacer stribes and assembling both side panels:

Milling out and painting the tokens:

…and final assembly:

The drawer for releasing the tokens is made from 3 layers of vinyl flooring glued to a strip of oak. The vinyl makes it quite silence throwing in the tokens. First drawer attemped was made out of plywood and wasn’t acceptable.


A great use of CNC precision. I like that work very much.

@JHahn Looking very good, Jannik. Thanks much for posting.