Laser G code question running on G sender

Lightburn lets you automatically add commands at the beginning and end of jobs. I’d like to add one to turn off the laser driver when a job is complete. Does anyone know what code I should use? I use M9 for my IoT setup, but I don’t think that will work with the way GSender is connected to the laser. thanks

Not sure if I understand fully but wouldn’t powering the laser driver from the IoT relay accomplish what you want? I have an IoT relay and I plug the vacuum and router into it for using the router and unplug those and plug in my air assist for using the laser. I never tried powering the laser from it though.

Also it might help others to know your which machine and laser you have. I have a LongMill but I don’t have Sienci’s laser, I have a SainSmart laser so I’m not sure of any differences in the way they connect, if any.

Edit: After some more thought I realized that if you plug the laser driver into the IoT relay you won’t have power to turn on the laser for setting zero unless you turn the coolant on in gSender first. That might make it cumbersome.

Hi: Thanks for the response. The Sienci Laser has a control box which I could plug into the IoT, is also has a fan and air assist. When I run a job now the controller is already going, when the g code executes it activates the laser/fan/air assist. When a job finishes those turn off but the controller box is still running. I would like to turn off that box at the end of the job.

I could try the IoT but I thought since Lightburn gives you an elegant option of inserting lines into the G code directly that would be better. I would also add code to move the laser away from the start so it is easier to get the finished pieces.

I’m not aware of any Gcode that will accomplish what you want.

If you want to look for yourself or are interested in learning what different codes do I found this page from the LinuxCNC programs documentation that has helped me to learn some Gcode. I don’t know if this list is exhaustive but I do know that GRBL doesn’t support all of the codes in the list. The list has a brief description of what the G or M code does and you can click on one to get more info.