Laser Module Add On

I have purchased the Vectric Software Laser Module (for my Vectric Aspire) which will generate the G-Code for Laser cutting/engraving/burning. Will the g-code generated operate on the Longmill GRBL/UGS platform without having to alter the G-Code to turn on the laser as in Andy’s Video? Will the Vectric G-Code automatically turn the laser on?

I have yet to buy my Physical Laser module but am looking at the JTech 7W laser for Open Builds or the less exspensive SainSmart/Genmitsu 5.5W laser add on.

Any information or advice would be appreciated.

Air Hawg.

@Airhawg another forum user @Lumpy just made an update to his laser setup post where he’s documenting his whole setup process. I think it’s superbly done!

This in combination with our original resources page I think will provide you with much of the information you’re probably looking for :slight_smile: :

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Is a 2w laser enough for wood burning images