Laser operation suggestion

I have a suggestion and I hope someone considers this.
There are 3 buttons for the laser: test, on & off.
The buttons are pretty and everything and they are symmetrical on the form but the on & off buttons are not very user friendly!
Here is a scenario. In fact its the only scenario that happens every time and I don’t understand why it was not caught before.
One of the reasons you press the On button is to line up the laser where you want it. The Off button turns it off which is a completely different operation meaning that while your aiming the laser and lining it up you have to turn and look back at the form on the page and move the cursor to the Off button to turn off the laser. By that time, even with the laser turned down to 1% it is very possible that you have burned a small dot in your wood just because you have to look back at the form, move the cursor and then click the off button.
To solve this problem use ONE button! That way we never have to look back to turn it off. The cursor on the screen stays in the same spot the whole time.
Use a variable called “Count==0”. When the button click event occurs it changes the count variable to 1 AND changes the label to the button to “Off” and you put this in a While loop.
If your a programmer then you know what I’m talking about.

How does “Test” not accomplish this functionality for your use case? You set the duration to 1-3 seconds or however long you need to verify that it’s lined up and it will handle turning the laser on and off without a second button press at all.

With respect to burning a hole, depending on your model you should be able to adjust the current using dip switches to prevent that while setting the project up. Not 100% which model you’re using but that might be something to explore if it’s possible for your setup.

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