Laser questions

I have just turned on my laser again today after a few weeks of not using it to find when I turn the power on of the control box the laser comes on and I can not turn it back off using the controls on the PC and the only way to turn it off again is to turn off the control box. Anybody have any ideas to how to fix it??

Not sure how much help I’ll be to solving your problem but I think if you clarify a couple of things it might help others to help you.

Is your laser the Sienci LaserBeam?
Are you saying it’s emitting a beam as soon as you turn the control box on?
Are we talking about the control box for the mill or the separate one for the laser that the LaserBeam has?

yes it is the Sienci laser
yes its emitting a beam as soon as I turn the lasers control box on

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I took a look at the resource pages for the LaserBeam and I found this in the Cables and Connections part of the assembly directions.

The driver uses this PWM signal to control when the laser is ON and OFF and at intensity and frequency when the driver is in PWM Mode.

Is there another mode besides the PWM Mode? I can’t find anywhere where another mode is mentioned but it made me wonder, if it’s not in PWM mode, does that mean it’s always on?

On another note, if you haven’t I would double check that all the connections are right.

EDIT: I just thought of another thing to test/check. Disconnect the PWM connection, the one from the LongBoard SpinPWM/GND and then turn on the laser control box. If the laser doesn’t come on then it would mean current is being sent to the laser control box, from the longmill control box, when it shouldn’t be. If the laser does come on then the problem is most likely in the laser control box and not the longmill control box.

EDIT2: If you haven’t turned of the LongMill control box and reconnected gSender since this problem started it could be that either the Laser test is on or the spindle was turned on by a M3 or M4 g-code and not shut off with M5.