Laser set up assistance

How do I set up and configure G-Sender to operate the laser? Does G-Sender automatically switch between router and laser or do I have to manually switch modality if using vetrics integrated laser module for example?

Hi Dallas, bringing the Vectric module into the discussion does complicate things a bit, but would you be able to elaborate a little more on what you’re looking to accomplish.

It sounds like you have both a spindle and a laser set up on your machine and are wondering how to handle switching back and forth between the two

Yes, I have been using the CNC with the Makita Router for several months and recently received the laser. Both work fine individually. My question is exactly what you assumed it is. If using an integrated software that can create gcode for both in the same project, in order to switch from CNC to laser do I need to physically go into G-Sender settings and switch the mode or just run the gcode?

Hello Dallas, I use Lightburn to generate the gcode and then I use gSender to run the code. You do need to configure gSender to switch from your router to the laser. Have a look at the gSender documentation as it has screen captures of where you set that. Have a look here:

Hope that helps.


Remember that there is a difference between a router and a “spindle.” I keep my gSender set for laser and don’t even think about it since I’m using a router on my Shapeoko.

I’m thinking the “Spindle” setting configures for on/off and speed control which isn’t normally available with a router.

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I am using a Makita Router and not a spindle if that makes a difference.

@Dallas Did you get your issue resolved, Dallas?

I think so. If I’m using a router, not a spindle, I can turn in the laser module and just leave it on. Based on the gcode, G-Sender will know if I’m using my router or my laser. At least that is what I’ve taken away from this conversation.

@Dallas As long as you are getting your laser projects to engrave correctly now, Dallas, all is well.

I will close this topic if that is so.