Laser/Spindle menu option keeps disappearing?

Fresh boot and reload of Gsender. When first started I can see the Laser/Spindle option and when anything other than test laser (which does fire the laser for the default 1 second) the menu disappears from my screen and it changes to the Probe menu. Close Gsender, restart it, connect to the machine and the menu reappears but again, pressing anything other than test laser results in the laser/spindle menu disappearing and changing to the Probe menu.

I am new to this and am at loss. I followed the instructions and videos closely, twice, and am unable to see where I messed up. Wife bought me the laser attachment for Father’s Day is patiently waiting for the projects to start rolling off! LOL! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

@jullett What version of gSender are you running, Jim? Not that it should matter, but if you are not running 1.1.1, you may want to try it. FWIW, I cannot re-create your problem. I just followed your steps and the laser/spindle toggle is still available.

When I first got the laser hooked up and discovered this issue, the first thing I tried was updating gSender to the most current version but the problem has persisted. I am not surprised that you were unable to reproduce the problem as there are lots of videos out there of it working as it should but thank you for trying! I truly appreciate it. I’m hoping there is a setting or step somewhere that I messed up on.

BTW, I think I saw on an oder post you are form the Ottawa area. I grew up in Hammond, just south of Rockland but have been here in the US for 25 years now. I was back home a few weeks ago to help my folks clean up after that terrible storm. I hope you and yours fared well! Thanks again.


Hi Jim,

Do you have Spindle/Laser widget enabled in the preferences? Make sure it’s toggled on in the Spindle/Laser section.

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@KGN I hope that it’s not the simple, Kevin. :flushed: I figured that, since he can test the laser, that toggle must be set correctly. With luck, I am wrong.

@KGN Thank you! I was hoping it was something simple I forgot and you were 100% on the mark!

Go figure, loose nut behind the keyboard! LOL! Thanks again for your help!

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Yes, it was that simple :flushed:

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As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.