Laser templates on gsender?

I am making coasters on my laser longmill/gsender. I’ve seen videos on how to make a template to speed up this process. Yet, is it possible to use lightburn to create and gsender to burn? Or am I stuck with burning one coaster at a time? All the videos of course worked with all in one laser units, yet I thought it was worth asking my long mill gurus just in case there is a hack to burn multiple coasters! many thanks in advance!

I use lightburn to create and gsender to burn. Have induction sensors and don’t like rehoming all the time. for my coasters I use workspace 5 and have set numbers get center of coasters (keep record in book).

You could easily setup to burn multiple coasters at once. Its just a matter of getting your lightburn coaster outline perfect to how you setup your coasters on your longmill.

you may even want to check out ikenna’s webcam light burn videos, would probably help you with designing template for multiple coasters at once.