Lead Screw keeps coming out

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had difficulties keeping the lead screw in place. We have look, re-read, re-reviewed all setup installation guides, and everything looks right. But I have now ruined three works and clamps that shouldn’t have even been touched.

It disconnects from the left side as your looking at it. I loosen coupler, slide the lead screw back in with the washer in place. Invariable after about an hour cut, the lead screw will come out, causing major disruption…

I’m very frustrated. If anyone has any helpful advise or suggestions, I’m all ears.


p.s. I’m trying another go… sitting on pins and needles with my fingers crossed that I can hit the stop button if it happens again.

@chapklc Kari: Is this the X axis lead screw? Is it pulling off the motor shaft or off the leadscrew itself?

Yes, this is the X axis lead screw. The leadscrew itself is coming out of the motor shaft. Basically, the lead screw will just be hanging.

@chapklc There were a couple of guys here having that problem and they resolved it by putting a small piece of sandpaper in the coupler on the motor shaft end. If I recall correctly, that solve the problem.

hmm… that is odd, but you know what… i’m willing to try anything at this point. Thanks for your help!~

@chapklc It is odd, and I have not had the problem. If you search here on “lead screw slipping”, you’ll read about a couple of guys who had the same problem and fixed it with sandpaper. It’s worth a shot, I guess.

The other thing, though, is to make sure that the coupler is all the way on the motor shaft, and that the set screw is actually tightening and not binding. Use a bit bit of anti-seize on it before trying to tighten it. (I should have thought of this before, but it just came to me after reading the other posts on this subject.)