Leaving rotary mode gsender not going to back the default

Not sure if it’s user error or gsender but when I switch to rotary mode everything is good then when
I exit rotary mode it won’t go back to my firmware defaults I have to manual set soft limits every time
in rotary setup for default firmware it won’t let select soft limits the only ones I can select is on the
rotary side is this normal or am I doing it wrong, This is with gSender 1.4.7

@TimRod While I realize that this issue arises from using the rotary mode, I have moved your topic to gSender category. I believe that the gSender team at Sienci will see it here sooner.

@TimRod is your machine using grbl or grblHAL?

Shapeoko 3 and I use grbl and that’s what I connect to in gSender as far as I know carbide 3d boards
won’t take grblHAL