Left Side Y axis motor not running ( I think)

Just loaded gSender, hooked up electronics, All lights came on, checked that all plugs and connections are seated firmly. Jogged the Machine to test and the left side Y axis isn’t moving… Checked tension on my wheels, (all finger tight to specs) Switched Y2 & Y1 controller plugs to see if it was a wiring / cable issue, Still the left side won’t work… Not cables or controller plug… Any Ideas? I’m thinking maybe dead motor?

@RicP Welcome, Ric. I suggest that you unplug the cable from the X motor and plug it into the left side Y motor. Click to jog in X. Don’t hold it. Just tap. If the motor is good, only the one side of the Y will move so you don’t want to move it far.

You could also loosen the coupler on the left side Y motor. That way, you can try the jog without throwing the gantry out of square.

If the left side motor turns, you will know the problem is not the motor. If it does not, I believe you can conclude that the motor is bad.

Excellent Advice. Thank you.
I’ll let you know the outcome when I try it tomorrow.
Thanks again.

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Because of your suggestion, I was able to determine that the left Y axis motor was fine and the clamp that secured the axis to the motor was not tight enough and wasn’t spinning the rail ( threaded bar, still not up on the terminology…lol)
thank you soooo much for your help and quick response to my issue.
You are my new Yoda…lol.
Thanks Again, I should be making wood chips soon… Cheers.

@RicP Glad I am to help. :grinning:

Just for your continuing Ed, the rail is a “lead screw”. the clamp is the “coupler”. (Please don’t take this as a shot. Knowing the terms may help you next time.)

As your issue is resolved, I’ll close the thread. If you have any further problems, don’t hesitate to start a new topic. There are a great many knowledgeable people here very willing to help.