Linux Installation

I’d like to run gSender on my Linux PC and see that according to the main gSender page that it runs on Linux. Is there a Linux version of gSender or do I need to run it through a Windows emulator?

On GitHub releases they have .deb, .rpm and AppImage.

What hardware is your Linux machine? What version of Linux are you running? That can help narrow down the suggestion of which gSender version to use.

I was planning to use the latest version of Mint. And it would be running on a desktop with an i5.

For Linux Mint on an Intel i5 processor, you should be able to choose either the AppImage or the .deb installation file for gSender.

I use the .deb file on my Intel-based Debian Bullseye system for gSender 1.1.7.

Greats thanks I’ll give that a try

What is the procedure to “run” these files in Linux Mint. I am new to Linux.