List of Shipped Machines

Well, I certainly can’t answer for Chris, but he said they were shooting for 30 a week. 18 went out today, so if your at #2, you should be out tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Like everyone else, I hope so

Stephen I spoke with Ikenna at around 3pm and found that they were only able to get 27 machines out this week: 9 on Wednesday and 18 yesterday. I decided to drop what I was working on and helped the team to get 4 more machines packed up and since we’d already missed the truck I drove them down to the shipping building in my car and delivered them personally.

I think one of those 4 boxes was yours - if so then I hope this news puts you in an excited mood and you can go out and enjoy your labour day weekend! I will certainly be going out and enjoying mine :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers! :v:


Thank you ever so much Chris for going over and above to get my order shipped today. That means so much that you did that. Yes, I am excited and can not wait to receive it. Have a awesome Holiday weekend and have a drink for me.

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Okay; I should stop reading the thread. I pushed the purchase button on Monday. How often does the shipping cue get updated? I was not all that excited or more likely figured I could be patient. Just figured I could just wait quietly for my machine to show up. After seeing all these posts, I’ve gotten interested is seeing where I am in the production que. When does that information come out?

What I did not realize was the price fluctuates based on currency exchange rate. Today I looked at the price and my order would have been $10 less than Monday’s price. I might of treated this like a stock purchase; looked for a down market day.


The first post in this thread gets updated as they work through the backlog of orders. Click the name of this thread, “List of Shipped Machines” at the top and it should bring you to the original post. Cross reference your order number to see where you are on the queue.

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Woohoo, Mine hit Detroit around Lunchtime today. Got the email from UPS shortly after for the Import fees. It’s $72.35 to North Carolina :slight_smile:

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Very much appreciate the help. I saw the numbers but had not realized they were being updated regularly. Now the wait begins. I made the list.

Be extra nice to #26460!

Congratulations on pulling together a manufacturing company in Canada, and on doing the not-so-obvious improvements with your innovations.

I was a tool & die maker 20 years ago (manual equipment only :slight_smile: ) and now I’m the resident lean manufacturing/productivity improvement/quality management guy at another Canadian manufacturer in Montreal, where I’ve been for 13 years and seen growth from $6M to $85M. We also buy laser cut parts, stamped parts, aluminum extrusion, componentry etc and assemble it into products.

Once my LongMill is ready, I’d like to offer to drive up to Waterloo and give you a few hours of an experienced sounding board. Full disclosure, I do consult on the side - but I’m not looking for a new customer. Just really glad to see some young people getting into Made-In-Canada, and I’ve been through the will-the-sales-explosion-make-or-break-us cycle more than a few times! Happy to jump on a Zoom call too, any time.

Congrats again and keep it up.



No machines being shipped today 9/10?

We found some parts were short to get the machines shipped out today, we’ll be getting them shipped out tomorrow instead :+1:

Don’t skip the details! I like to see what the top 10-15 machines are doing. Packing, shipping, waiting…ect.


When do you think #25681 will be shipped out?

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Hey all :wave:
Very hectic week we had but I’m very happy with the progress we managed to accomplish. In total we wound up getting I think 27 machines out the door this week plus we have an additional 13 that finished packing after the truck came on Friday so they’ll be shipping out first-thing Monday morning!

I hope most of you that were waiting for your machine to ship this week received your long awaited shipping confirmation email :slightly_smiling_face:


Steve that’s a really neat and generous offer! I’d love to take you up on it for sure :smile:
I noticed you sent me a PM so I’ll continue speaking through there :+1:

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Yep! Hope i will get mine this week😜

My number isn’t even on the list… :frowning: (Order #26544)

I wonder if the other cnc makers get constantly bugged about when they’re going to ship people’s machine even though all have a LEAD time on their site.

that’s the price you pay for engagement… but it sure makes me like this company

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FYI…order 25936 ordered 8/10 shipping 9/16. Just a bit over 5 weeks. Nice execution!