List of Shipped Machines

Any update as to the order number that has shipped out and projections for the remaining backlog?
I read your latest update above and it seems the latest issues may cause your initial 6 to 8 weeks estimate slip.


Does that mean the v wheels on my machine are wrong? It would make sense seeing I had to force them on in the fully open position. Will you be sending out the correct wheels to those of us who just received our machine?

Wear can we buy the wire to board connectors such as for connecting the zero plate and connecting the motors to the board

Good morning Chris & Andy!! As my order number and latest status is: “#25241- waiting on 65mm router mount”, I would love to get an update as to the status of my order this morning given I was just TWO orders away from shipping last week. :crazy_face: JUST my kinda luck! :pensive:

Thanks much!

Thanks for the update

@Chrslintz we haven’t tested this but it wouldn’t be a question of whether the LongMill could use one - more a question of finding a software that would be compatible. For ex. I know that UGS, OpenCNCPilot, Candle, and bCNC all have functions built-in for surface probing but surface probing is different from geometry probing. What are you looking to use the digital probe for?

@Tmcfarland no more machines have shipped yet. We got the 30 router mounts in on Friday and Andy’s in Toronto today to pick up what we expect should be our remaining initial order of mounts. The latest issue with the incorrectly manufactured wheels have certainly thrown a spanner into our delivery schedule - we ordered some backup wheels from two separate resellers and they both delivered the same faulty wheels; I suppose all these dealers receive their wheels from the same manufacturer so I can only assume that there are now ten of thousands of faulty wheels making their way throughout the world all originating from this one manufacturer. Because of this we’ve gotten in touch with a separate manufacturer rather than a distributor who tells us that they made some wheels for us and they’re now being shipped. I really hope that they’re not just delivering the same faulty wheels as everyone else has. If the wheels are good and they arrive when we expect them to then it’ll mean that the remaining 4-week lead-time machines will end up shipping about 1 week late. Once Andy gets back tomorrow we’ll see how the parts look and revise our plan and delivery estimates and then provide an update here so that all the 6-8 week lead machine orders will know what to expect.

@Space we set aside a couple good wheel sets to replace anyone who got a bad bag. I’ll get a good bag sent out to you ASAP

@Chrslintz the connectors we use on the board you can see in this post: LongBoard Connectors - #3 by BillKorn I also just added some extra info there in case you want to buy from a more local manufacturer or supplier

@StefiKaye as of Andys last update we’re still trying to get the new v-wheels. I’ll update the original post appropriately. I suppose one of the downsides to being so transparent is that you can see when you would’ve been the next one in line to get your machine, sorry about that Stef :confused:


I want to probe parts to reproduce missing parts from furnitures

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Thank you very much for the information

Thanks Chris for the update! I appreciate all the details you provide us…and the time it takes to do so.

Again, I am impressed with this companies regard for Quality! Over and Over these two Owners have stayed in touch with each and everyone of us! Good news or bad! I respect that so much and this is exactly why I don’t have a Shapeoko or XCarve in my shop already! Since I am new to the CNC world, this companies dedication to customer satisfaction only makes me more confident that waiting for my 1st machine is the right thing to do! Cheers!


Hi everyone.

Another update on production.

I went yesterday to get all our router mounts from the warehouse. Power supplies have also arrived. We are going over all of the parts today to make sure it all looks good.

I also got tracking info for the v-wheels last night, and the wheels are expected to arrive on Monday next week. Godspeed for those parts. Sometimes the delivery date can vary by a few days, so I will have a more accurate estimate on the arrival date in a few days.

The v-wheels that were ordered from local sources did come in, however it looks like they have the same problem as from our first batch of v-wheels, which is that the inner angle is smaller than 90 degrees, as well as some of the v-wheels being cut not centered on the wheel, so we will not be using these wheels to ship out the machines.

In any case, once we have the v-wheels all sorted out, we’ll be ready to start sending on LongMills so I’m looking forward to when they show up!


FYI Chris I looked further into it for you and I can’t find a record of GRBL-supported digitization using a probe. The MACH environment has a digitization plugin but MACH isn’t compatible with the LongMill. You can see how the digitizing process normally looks in this video:

Thank you for your efforts. I have some ideals I’ll post them to the forum if they work

I don’t know how realistic this feature would help sell your product, but I suspect there would be much interest if you supported this feature either through a guide /faq or built functionality into your software.

But I certainly would get in line for a probe upgrage


@Menglor Stephen: Bill Korn made a basic probe that he posted about here

It may be a start for you. He did not need to change the Mill at all. He just needed to go with a gcode sender other than UGS. The UGS probe module is not functional.



i still stand by my argument there should be a faq or maybe formal saved link for enhancements that are stepping stones to functionality

@Menglor Stephen: Pretty much all the additions to the Mill that have added to its functionality are in the Add-ons & Modifications Section of this forum.

This discussion would be much better placed there. (Hint, hint, Chris. :slightly_smiling_face:)

We have gotten way off track here, so this thread could well be overlooked by anyone looking for information on probes. I certainly would not think to look in a thread entitled “list of shipped machines” to find out if anyone had looked into or added a probe function.


I feel the apprentice who has been sent to the store for a “LongWeight”


Can anyone tell me when 25432 might be shipped?


Dang, all you guys are so impatient! 6-8 weeks means 6-8 weeks! Haha!

Chris, Andy and team, keep up the great work!