List of Shipped Machines

Only 50 more to go… already made the table for the machine. Have to make drawers or an enclosure or something else to keep occupied and busy. Yeah and check this thread like a loon on a multiple time per day basis because who knows the status might have changed magically in the last 5 to 10 minutes… thanks for that.

No really, appreciate the update.


Hey Chrismakesstuff my order #25346 when I ordered it showed 4 weeks for shipping which I did on July 2nd 9:30 am so can you give an update thanks in advance

Hi Damein, I spent all of today planning with Andy and our operations manager to try to make sure that all machines are being sent out on time. I can see that your order and the three orders before it should still fall within the 4 week lead time. I have directed the team to be aiming to send out all orders up until yours as soon as possible.

As I mentioned in my last bigger update, we’re still waiting on 65mm router mounts and then almost all of the remaining machines with the 4 week lead time will be ready to send out. I’ll update here promptly as packing continues to progress

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Hey guys could I get an update for order number 25376? Thanks

Hey Sean :wave:, your order in within the group which should expect a 6-week lead time

We’ve got a handful of individuals who are currently waiting on their machines to ship due to delayed arrival of the 65mm router mounts and once those are shipped out between this week or next I’ll be able to provide a more definitive update on when the next machines will start rolling out the door

Hey Chrismakesstuff thanks for responding you guys are great I definitely appreciate the feedback and can’t wait to start making some stuff with the new longmill will be our first time with a cnc wifey is overjoyed of the news thanks again be blessed

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I am sure some of this might be confidential,. But I am wonder what does an order sheet look like

1000 roller bearings, 709 NEMA 23 …

Thanks for the update wasn’t sure of time just knew I ordered on the 2nd. Thank you

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Making popcorn with butter and having a brew!
Staring at this feed is something I do!
The anticipation of my number getting closer to ship
While I eat another handful and take another sip!
Soon my snack is gone and it’s time to retire for the night
I down my last beer with no new update in sight
Tomorrow is another day and will watch with an eagle eye
Hoping for some really good news and not another sigh.


Just to let you all know, we’ve got the 22 remaining machines (18 pictured and 4 in the other room) ready and waiting on the packing table to receive their 65mm mounts as soon as they arrive :slight_smile:

While we’re waiting, we’re continuing to pack for all remaining backlogged machines as quickly as we can so that as soon as these guys get shipped out we can immediately get some more machines on the packing table and out the door. As of order #25348, the expected lead time is 6 weeks so we’re feeling confident that this lead time will be fulfilled.

Of course all current orders are waiting on these router mounts right now so in addition to the communication we’re keeping with the shipping company on when our order will arrive, we’ve also placed another order for an expedited shipment to get here ASAP as well as we’re speaking with some of our local manufacturers to start exploring the idea of making these mounts locally in the possibly near future.

Will update here as soon as I know more :+1:

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To ease some backlog would it make sense to ship out to customers that didn’t order a 65mm mount?

There are about 10 non-65mm router mounts in the backlog of about 200 machines so if we get near to one of the non-65mm router mount orders we’ll likely go ahead and ship it. We want to roughly keep to the order that the machines were purchased in.

How many CNC Routers are you able to build in a day?

In the past we’ve been able to ship out 50-60 machines per week. Our goal with these delayed components is to continue exploring alternate solutions while maintaining our quality standards so that we still meet our stated lead-times

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I know what you mean. I used to build automatic test equipment for Assembly lines. Between lead times from other vendors, cash flow, and the amount of space for inventory, both the parts and completed equipment it all has flow just right. I worked at a factory 20 years ago where we ran out of power cords which you would not think is a big deal. It shut down production after 3 days since we ran out of space. It’s not like you can go down to the hardware store and pick up 14 gauge wire to make your own. All the power cords were molded and were lost in transit. Just one part can shut down production! :flushed:


Quick update: the backup 65mm router mounts were ordered on Monday last week and we paid highest price to get them shipped to us ASAP. The other local options we’re exploring haven’t shown much merit so far so we’ll likely be relying on the express shipment of mounts to show up. We should get an update on their shipping progress in the next day or two.

We’ve been told that the original order of router mounts are scheduled to arrive on August 4th so this means we’ll be soon covered for router mounts for all the remaining back-ordered machines as well :+1: We’re still pre-packing more machines while we wait.

Since @andy is the one dealing closely with all our manufacturers, I’ll be leaving him to continue posting updates here for y’all for the next week or two :v:


Adding to Chris’ update, tracking is showing that the 30 router mounts shipped express will arrive on the 31st and the remaining 500ish additional router mounts will arrive on August 4th.

Currently, the router mounts are what are keeping us from shipping machines #39 - 60 on schedule which we’ve ordered parts express for, with the remaining machines on the roster to be using parts that we’ve ordered that are freighted.

To make sure that we can ship the remaining orders can be shipped out quickly once the remaining parts arrive, we’ve hired some extra hands to help us for packing and assembly. On top of that, some of our manufacturers have been helping us by keeping additional stock in their warehouses to help us keep up with materials and parts.

Although it’s been pretty crazy with a global pandemic going on as well our continual increase in orders for LongMills, we appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we keep working to build and get machines out the door!


Just because I am curious, with the exception of the 65mm mounts that are incoming what will be holding the orders back once they arrive. Other then actually packing the boxes?

Once these shipments arrive, there shouldn’t be anything else holding back the remaining orders from being shipped out other than packing them.

Obviously nothing in this world is 100% so if there are any other snags that arise then we’ll make sure that you guys are all informed right away

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At order #25744, it’ll be a while LOL. At least I can mill small stuff till then :slightly_smiling_face: