LM 48x30 Pass through?

Looking at ordering a 30x30 but I am intrigued by the new 48" size as well. Any ideas on how pass through would work with the machine?

Say I wanted to mill something that was 7’ long, how does one break up the file into smaller pieces and then ensure you zero the machine correctly for the next pass? I’ve tried some light googling but came up with nothing so I figure I would ask here. Thanks!

Answering my own question here, but I did come across some videos that do answer my question. Here’s an example:

@spick Welcome to the group, Steve. You certainly make it easy for us here. You ask a question, then answer it. :grinning:

I’ll just add to what you have already found on Peter’s site that, if you plan to use Vectric software, you can watch tutorials that they have done on “tiling” with their products. It does make the entire process quite simple.