LongBoard CNC Controler vs BlackBox Motion Control

Hi, Hello everyone
The xPro V3 on my OX-CNC has been acting up lately. I am considering to replace it with one of more recent controler boards. The BlackBox is definitely an option but I don’t mind trying the LongBoard Controller. Are there any proprietary settings on the LongBoard Controller that might hinder with functionality of OX-CNC ?

The LongBoard Controller is installed on my OX-CNC. The board is powered properly at 24V/20A and motors are wired properly. I carefully copied the xPro V3 settings to LongBoard and with Andy’s recommandations I made sure the $2 and $4 settings of the LongBoard are respected.

Now the question is, considering that the LongMill runs the axis on LeadScrews how to set the dip-switches for my axis that run on belts !? The dip-switches on my xPro-V3 was set up on 1/8 Step.
Anything else I should be watchful befor powering the board ?

You can find more info on changing microstepping here: https://sienci.com/dmx-longmill/changing-microstepping/

The LongBoard should be set to 1/8 microstepping by default. You will need to calibrate your steps per mm in your EEPROM settings which I believe is $110, $111, $112 values

The LongBoard has been working perfectly on OX. As Andy suggested, I edited the EEPROM settings and then adjusted the settings to my liking. Since, I have replace the OEM spindle with Makita and I have done tests on varying degrees of hardness to establish my own table of feed/speed.

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