Longmill 30x48 brand new

Looking for help with software. I have a brand new 30x48 fully assembled hooked to Windows 7. Solved the initial connected but not connected issue by going to device manager and downloading a driver from the Aruino driver folder. Connects right away. I’m able now to jog and set zero on all axis. It never stays connected. Many times it disconnects after just a few seconds but always before 1 minute goes by. The baud rate is correct and I made sure the power saving stuff is disabled for the ports. Have no idea where else to go now. Beginning to question the wisdom of my purchase. Need some help. Thanks in advance.

On your computer, make sure the USB port is set to never sleep, that could be one problem to look at.

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during shipping the board inside the controller can come loose. Not a bad idea to open it up and make sure it is seated properly. Gave me all kind of weird issues.

@Newtonsghost I went through something very similar. I had a laptop windows 10 I bought off ebay and used it for several years with no issues then it started disconnecting, I knew all the power setting to change, still disconnected. Re-installed windows from scratch, changed the hard drive and it still would disconnect. I completely disassemble the laptop thinking it may have been a thermal issue, cleaned everything, new thermal past and still disconnecting. Bought a different laptop off ebay and no more issues. Beyond drivers, power settings and thermal heat issues not much else to do. I never buy expensive laptops for the shop, most I’ve ever spent was $200, the one I had was $150, ebay is great for laptops.