Longmill assembled and adjusted

I got my mill assembled and adjusted after I completed my table today. I just need to cut some risers and mount to the table, spoil boards with T-track will also be added.


Looking good. Have fun with it, and donโ€™t forget, there is a lot of help here if needed.

Out of curiosity, what are the connectors you used to attach the lower supports to the legs? Iโ€™m about to build a table for my 48x30 and am looking at any and all options to make it easier. I had even thought about pallet racks, but unfortunately they donโ€™t seem to make uprights short enough to be convenient. Sad because the beams are the perfect size.

They are these:


I used them for all 4 legs on the top and bottom, very strong and a lot of screws to attach them correctly.

Hello I new on cnc to I in the process to build my table ? Whe you set up your LongMill did you have hard time to alignment with the v- wheels I have hard time with these any tips

Welcome Nazareno,

Do you mean adjustment of the v-wheels? Did you watch the assembly video of the Longmill? I did have issues with the tightness of the v-wheels at first but no issues with alignment. Could you provide a photo of the subject?

Thank you for responding yes I did watch the video is 3 wheels are tight and 1loose and some time the top is tight and the bottom loose and keeping going 1 way and nothing

Some time I adjust 1pair and the other one get loose sorry is hard explain my self

Which axis are you speaking of with the problem, XY or Z?

Y axis I started front open point and rotate to close point well little by little

It is probably best to support the gantry to take the weight off, once you do this it will be easier to adjust the v-wheels. This is the problem I initially had when setting up mine.

Do you mean take off the x and z axis

No, just find something that will fit under the gantry to support the weight so that the v-wheels on the top of the rail are not carrying the weight. Once you have it supported you can adjust the upper v-wheels easier, the attached photo is just to give you an idea of how to support the gantry just make sure it is supporting the gantry completely. The foot of my rail was in the way so again, it is just to give you an idea.

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FWIW, wedges work very well, too.


Thank you guys Iโ€™m gonna try that good idea. Thank you so much. Iโ€™ll let you guys know how to work.

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