Longmill CNC Plasma Cutter First Cut

This is the first cut with the Longmill CNC plasma cutter. I used Inkscape to design the file, and Vetcric Vcarve Desktop to create the tool path. Then I used G-Sender to send the g-code to the Longmill CNC plasma.


Cool! But why not do the design in Vcarve, and save a step?

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Stunning work! Looks highly dangerous too. Just when you thought a piece of sharp metal cutter whirling around at 30,000RPM was dangerous… along comes next level fear. :grinning:

All you need now is some way to make this portable and easily attached to bank vault doors. :rofl:

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I started with a k40 laser about 3 years ago. Then I got the 60 watt “Big Red” laser from China. So that was my normal work flow. Now I have all these .SVGs I made in Inkscape from those days. I bought the Longmill about 10 months ago and I am rather new to Vetric, but I am getting better with it.

That is what my wife said last night as she watched the video. “That is dangerous”. LOL
It will be better after I get the water pan installed. I did not realize how much fumes would come from the plasma cutter. I have a small building, about 15X20. Even with the double door open I will need more ventilation.

I think your clue was in the words PLASMA CUTTER. :rofl:

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And all the grit the sparks leave behind. Keep a good fire arrester around. Plasma cutters are cool to play with.

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I assume you are running the standard control box

Replacing the carving router with the plasma torch

How is the torch turned on and off?

Do you think a torch height controller THC could be added?

in Vetric, create a new bit.
Set the spindle speed of the bit to 12000.
Set the diameter to .068in. I measured my plasma cutter cut.
For 16 gauge steel and a 60 amp plasma cutter set to 25, I run 100 imp.
Attach the 12 volt leads of a relay to the 12 volt source on the controller.
attach the trigger lead of the relay to the spindle pin.
Attach the plasma torch switch the the contacts of the relay.

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I am going to start working on the THC again soon. Maybe the Proma or I will build one with an extra Arduino separate from the one that is in the Longboard.