Longmill CNC Plasma Cutter First Cut

This is the first cut with the Longmill CNC plasma cutter. I used Inkscape to design the file, and Vetcric Vcarve Desktop to create the tool path. Then I used G-Sender to send the g-code to the Longmill CNC plasma.


Cool! But why not do the design in Vcarve, and save a step?

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Stunning work! Looks highly dangerous too. Just when you thought a piece of sharp metal cutter whirling around at 30,000RPM was dangerous… along comes next level fear. :grinning:

All you need now is some way to make this portable and easily attached to bank vault doors. :rofl:

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I started with a k40 laser about 3 years ago. Then I got the 60 watt “Big Red” laser from China. So that was my normal work flow. Now I have all these .SVGs I made in Inkscape from those days. I bought the Longmill about 10 months ago and I am rather new to Vetric, but I am getting better with it.

That is what my wife said last night as she watched the video. “That is dangerous”. LOL
It will be better after I get the water pan installed. I did not realize how much fumes would come from the plasma cutter. I have a small building, about 15X20. Even with the double door open I will need more ventilation.

I think your clue was in the words PLASMA CUTTER. :rofl:

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And all the grit the sparks leave behind. Keep a good fire arrester around. Plasma cutters are cool to play with.

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