LongMill Community Insight Chats

Edit: Thanks to everyone who has expressed their interest in participating! Due to time constraints I will only be able to chat with a handful of people. I’ve messaged a few of you to schedule a time to chat. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! This is Kelly - I do customer service, resource development and engineering here at Sienci Labs. Chris and I have been putting a lot of time into making more CNC information available to the LongMill community recently. With this new info, we’re looking to get some insight on how LongMill members are interacting with our website, community spaces and resources. This will be an open-ended conversation for you to provide your thoughts which would last for 30 minutes or so. If interested, please comment below and we will contact you to arrange a time to chat.
Note: You will need internet access and cell reception as you’ll be accessing websites while on the call.

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I would definitely be interested.

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Yeah I’m in.
I’m assembling my longmill currently and have ran into some issues that should be addressed.

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I would be interested.

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If I may help, please let me know.


I would would be very interested. I don’t have a cell phone (no reception where I live) but I do I a land line and internet so I can participate.

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Sure, let me know how i can help

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I would be interested. I’m looking foreword to the chats. I hope you don’t have the same internet issues as there were with the laser kickoff.

Thank you. I’d be interested in sharing my experiences with you.

New owner definitely interested

Hi all,

I messaged you all privately on the forum to arrange a call. Cheers!

count me in, would love to add my input where possible