Longmill now, or wait for AltMill

Been watching the threads, researching, YouTube, etc. for a while now. Was planning on pulling the trigger with the always “trusty” tax return this year, and purchase a 48x30 starter kit… Along came a YouTube video about this “AltMill”… Someone help me please!!!
I could play with the programs and get comfortable in the meantime, or, I could get a kit and get started.

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@ekess39 Howdy Eric! Welcome the Sienci forum! This forum is why I purchased my LongMill which I received in May of 2022. While personally I haven’t kept as good of track as I probably should have the AltMill (mostly cause I won’t be purchasing one right away), that decision is totally yours. I doubt anyone here will attempt to sway your decision one way or the other. I am unsure of timeline for the AltMill, but the 30x48 longmill is available now. I would, however recommend the SuperLongBoard as an option to the 30x48 if they give it as an option. The last production update I paid attention to shows that shipping in March of 2024. I made that upgrade and am looking forward to the advancements it will bring.

The little bit I know of the AltMill, it is built to be a bit more robust than the LongMill. I still have about half of my LongMill to pay off, which is why I am not looking to upgrade at this point. For what it is worth, my 30x30 has done everything I have asked of it. There were a couple of roadblocks along the way, but between this forum and Sienci customer service, none were that much of a nightmare. Enjoy your time here, if you want, before making your purchase, gather the necessary design software and a laptop to run it on. I opted, good or bad, for VCarve Pro. I am still just touching the surface in the use of it, but get around okay with it. Again welcome to the forums Eric and enjoy your stay with us here!


I very much appreciate your response and honesty. I have some time, so I will play with programs, collect equipment, maybe build a base, and make that final decision when the finances come. Thank you!

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I am anxiously awaiting to see this Altmill in action! I was going to purchase the MK2 48X30 but I am trying to be patient for the Altmill, lol.