Losing Z depth on 30X30

I am having an issue losing the Z depth when running a file. Using Garrett’s spoilboard file and when cutting the reverse side for locator holes and counter bores for nut inserts the first hole is fine but when advancing to the second hole the Z is losing depth of cut. It gets so of the by the time it advances to the counterbores the bit does not even make contact with the board. This happens in g Sender and UGS both. Have checked everything on the gantry to make sure all is tight. Bit is tight in the collet and does not change location. Using an 1/8" upcut, Step is 10mm and feed1000, 2500rpm on router. What else would contribute to losing Z depth?

Sometimes one does not recognize that the LM runs into the -z limit. Especially, when you bore a hole into the spoilboard it could be very likely. If so, place the router deeper in the mounting plate.

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@Jongraphics John: Did you resolve your problem, especially in light of @JHahn Jannik’s suggestion?

Yes I did. Kelly suggested lowering the spindle holder to the bottom most holes. No more issues after that. I do apologize if I didn’t respond to the post. Thank you