M0 ignored is a problem

At the start of my Gcode programs I want to insert M0 with comments to verify with the user that the machine is setup properly before proceeding. BUT you disabled this ability and it makes my work more complicated and less reliable. I have put garbage code at the start to push the M0 down to line 15 so it will be noticed, BUT the text of the comment is not displayed.

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@saskia weโ€™ll look into displaying comments because I agree that should be implemented. Unfortunately for ignoring M0s, itโ€™s just not common or standard to have pausing take place at the start of a g-code file and some users ran into issues with post-processors who force in M0s when they arenโ€™t needed which is why we began ignoring them in the first place so that quirk will likely remain in gS for the foreseeable future

@chrismakesstuff A simple option would be to only pause & show the comment at the start if there are two consecutive semicolons on the line. That solves both issues!