Mac OS Touch Probe

On my Longmill when I run probe to calibrate it runs through the cycle and then goes to calibrated position with everything correct except the Y axis. X axis is half way on and off cutting surface as supposed to be but Y axis is totally on cutting surface. I have the right bit selected and have tried this with other bits and get the same result. Is there a offset for this or am I doing something wrong?

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@Woodchuck9 hard to say. It might be possible that the values have gone wonky on you

The new 1.0.6 version of gSender has a new feature to copy the recent g-code that the machine has run so that you can paste that code to share with others which helps with troubleshooting. If you can run the same probing procedure and wait for it to finish, then click this button and ‘paste’ that text into this thread then that’ll help see what might be going wrong for you