Machine lock up

Hi all. Got a 30x30 longmill about 6 weeks ago. Been working great once I got the software figured out. Made several projects without too many hickups. Now today going to run another project, and it acts as if it was posessed. It starts, then homes OK (have the sensors), then goes to X0 Y0 Z0 just fine. Then load a gcode file fine. Go to start the file then it says to “unlock machine”, and then it just locks up. I have rebooted gsender, the main controler, the computer several times. I even swapped cables to see if that was the problem. I always get the same results. Did the controler go bad? Not sure if it is software, or hardware. Even tried a different laptop, same reults. ???

Got it fixed. Turned off the soft limit switch, and the problem went away.

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Sounds like the program was wanting the machine to move outside it’s normal movement area, thus causing a soft limit / hard limit error. If you have anything else to share it’d be great for an update, otherwise I can close this thread :+1:

After taking a closer look, I made a dumba** mistake with a decimal point. All working fine now. My eyes are not the best (old age), and that didn’t help. Thanks.

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Those decimals are always trying to hide away eh :crazy_face: