Machine profile changes

It is noted that the machine profile needs to be changed if you have a mk2 48x30 machine then goes on to provide a link on how to update the firmware. Do you have to update the firmware or can you just do a profile change without updating the firmware

Machine profile only informs the software which firmware to flash IF you were to flash and which EEPROM settings to send IF you were to restore EEPROM defaults. You probably want to select the correct MKII model if you were going to flash just because some compilation options/defaults differ from the standard MKII/MKI firmware.

Past that everything is just read from the controller itself so there’s no issue with selecting different machine profiles as much or as little as you want.

thanks for your response, however I am unclear still.

when I first turn on the machine I will select my machine profile (48x30) I’m guessing to change the “x” travel size limit. Once that is done - does the firmware need to be flashed at that point to keep that setting or the software will keep that setting from that point on without having to flash it.

sorry but still confused a bit

kevin (engraver)