Machine Settings

I’ve run across another issue in gSender settings. I can not get the machine size settings to be remembered permanently. They are lost every time I exit the program. I also do not see the saving settings message when changing the settings. They are also not saved when other settings are.

Another member posted this message. I have the same problem. Help Sienci!!

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@Zoso Welcome to the group, Charlie.

I’ve moved your post to the gSender board. It will attract the attention of the gS group at Sienci.


Machine size settings are set from EEPROM. You should not be able to edit them at all as of a few versions ago - you might be running an older version (1.0.3 or .4 or so was the last time they were editable AFAIK?).

If the reported machine dimensions are not correct, I’d look at the firmware tool to set the EEPROM to the correct dimensions. $130, $131, and $132 all correlate to machine space and travel.

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