Machine stops in middle of jobs

Last two nights I have had my longmill stop right in the middle of a tool path several times. These were on different gcodes. I read the article below and suspect I have a grounding issue, however, I wasnt running my shopvac and the dust shoe wasnt attached. Suggestions? Or do I have a different issue happening?

Has anyone taking these measures with the grounding or UPS backup? Electrical is over my head.

Re: grounding. My electric panel is closeby to my machine. I dont see a green screw visible and dont feel comfortable taking panel off to find screw. Is that what is needed? Alternatively maybe I do a ground rod. The machine is against an exterior wall.

Re: UPS backup - since my machine stops with the dust shoe / vac is on AND without them, does that suggest UPS backup is the direction to go? I guess we notice our house lights will dim possibly when our hvac kicks on. Perhaps thats evidence of a power problem and I need this UPS thing.

@moderators - any thoughts on this issue? Thanks!!

@Clt49er As you have seen, Greg, this topic has been discussed here many times and is the subject of Sienci blog articles, too.

As far as grounding, I simply pulled the hot and common pins out of a standard male plug. I ran my ground wires into the ground terminal on that plug and plugged it into a grounded outlet.

I am not close to being qualified re UPS backups. I use one on my office PCs, but I do not have one on the LM-controlling PC. Since you say that your lights dim whenever your HVAC kicks in, I suppose that current drop could disturb the PC you have running your LM. Again, this is just speculation on my part, though.

Assuming that you are running Windows, ensure that all power saving settings are turned off, including all power savings to the USB ports.