Macro Creation Help

Can someone help me get rolling with Macros? I don’t currently have any but I want to create a “Park” macro for having the spindle go to the far back right of the machine when I’m done for the day and when I’m switching from one project to the next to prep the next piece prior to setting XYZ.

Eventually once I get an understanding for this I’d like to create a Macro for carving my cribbage board peg storage as well.

This will be my first macro so any and all help would be greatly apprecited.

Thank you,

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They are just simple grbl codes.
I’d move Z first

G0 Z##
G0 X## Y##

Just replace ## with where you want it to go.

For the peg storage you may want to look into doing work spaces.

@Shipwreck @ejbrabender Welcome to the group, Shipwreck.

I could well be wrong, but I don’t believe that your macro will do what ej is asking for. The problem is that the Mill will move a set direction in x and y regardless of where it is when the macro is run. So, if the Mill is close to the front left, for example and the macro tells it to move 100 in x and 100 in y, it will still be close to the front left. If, however, the Mill is close to the rear right when the macro is run, it will try to move 100 in x and 100 in y, but may well run into the stops.
G90 and G91 also need to be taken into account.

Was basically telling him its normal grbl codes, nothing complicated or programming language, like the post implied.
Didnt have the codes available at the time. Add G90 to previous and its absolute commands.

@Shipwreck Understood, tks.