Macros question

I want to define some macros to jog specific amounts. For example, a macro to jog X+10, or Z-0.2 Should I assume that the (minimal) documentation for CNCjs will apply to GSender, since it’s a CNCjs fork? (Actual docs would be nice, but I understand where documentation falls in the priority system…)

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@falviani I’m not sure what you are looking for, Frank, but I have about a dozen macros set up in gsender. There really isn’t much to it. In the default gsender opening screen, there is a tab labelled “macro” in the lower left corner. Clicking that opens a window with three blue buttons across the bottom. One for “add a macro”, one for “import a macro” and one for “export a macro”.
Assuming that you want to compose the macro while in gsender, clicking on “add a macro” opens a new window. In that window, you can name the macro whatever you want, then add the commands in the “macro commands” window. Clicking on the “save macro” button will save it and add it to the list of macros in the "macros’ window where you started. In that window, you can click on the … symbol to edit or delete any macro that you have composed.

Now, I learned two things while writing this. The “export macro” button works, but you can only export all the macros, as gsender saves them in one .json file. However, the “import macro” button does not work. I will write a comment in the 6.6 thread on that right now.

Edit: FWIW, Frank, I’ve added a comment on this in the 6.6 feedback thread.

@gwilki I believe, what @falviani is looking for is the ability to move X,Y by plugging in a cumulative number.

ie: if you at X=1234, y=6666, he would like to have a macro to move a certain number of steps forward.

I have used Marlin in the past, and I am by no means an expert, and just starting to use GRBL.

I believe your question isnt a specific GRBL Question, but a Gcode question.

I don’t know if I have ever seen a command that says g0 Z+100 X+10

not saying there isn’t one, but I am not that well versed.

One thing I will mention, the mention of lack of documentation, isn’t because of Sienci, the GRBL, GCODE and Marlin are not owned by Sienci, they only use the base language.

its possible I am misunderstanding your question as well, please confirm what your looking for, maybe we can get an answer?

I have learned this in my few years on the planet, if your asking, there is 100 people who have the same question, but don’t know or haven’t asked yet.

@Menglor @falviani Frank: If Stephen is correct, you would not use Z+100, for example. You would simply write a macro that tells grbl that you are giving it an incremental move, then tell it how far.

For example, you could write

The Mill would move 100 units to the rear from its current position. Since the norm is absolute moves, the G90 puts things back to the way they were, awaiting the next command.

Of course, if Stephen and I are both off base as to what you are looking for, disregard all of this, please.

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Thanks for the feedback - the last post from gwilki is what I was thinking of. The inconvenient part is that there’s no way to define key maps to trigger macros; I use touch control with an old iPad Mini as a pendant, and I’d have to revert to jogging with the main gSender screen on the computer :sleepy:

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Support for joystick is coming

We’re currently working on both joystick support, as Stephen mentioned, and on making keyboard shortcuts to trigger macros - should both have an initial implementation within the month. gSender documentation is also being worked on and should have more ready to reference by the end of this week :+1:

Slick moves by Grant to provide guidance on the movement gcode :rocket: