Makita Router and Brushes,

I am just about finished with a very long carve, and my router stopped at about 97% done mark. Now I just had the router stop not long ago and replaced the brushes (from Amazon). Today it stopped again!

I pulled the Brushes and they may have hit the half way point. Replaced them and it started back up.

So, what do you do to try to avoid this problem? Do you check the brushed before you start a new cut or after so many hours? Do you only buy Brushes from Makita?

Looking for some advice on this one.


Ps. Just checked the Brushes that I took out, found one with a much shorter spring and cable!

So, yet another thing to check on a manufactures quality control.

The first thing that pops into my head is the quality of the product. How long did the brushes last?

My thought is, there are some things I buy from Amazon and somethings not. Brushes I might get right from the company or find OEM source.

Good luck.


What’s your dust collection like?
You can put an old sock over the router to keep the junk out.