Makita router compact

I purchased the RT0701C Makita router. It’s the compact. Will this work with the long mill CNC? Sorry if this is the dumbest question ever, starting from the very very beginning.

@ahliv The only dumb question is a question not asked! Especially here, there are a lot of very helpful and knowledgeable folks on here. I do belive the Makita RT0701C is the router that Sienci suggests/sells with the longmill.

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@ahliv As Jeremy said, Olivia, it’s not a dumb question at all. The Makita is the router that I expect most of us use in the Mill. If you are going to be using 1/8" shank bits, I would suggest that you buy the 1/8" collet that Sienci sells for the Makita. You will find it under “cutting tools” in the store tab.

That’s the right one and it is a beautiful tool in and out of the Longmill. It’s a very high quality router. I have a second one that I use with a flush trim bit and a plunge base (works fine with the included hand held base option too) to remove the tabs in my contours after I complete a job.

Remove the screws (or other hold downs), flip the work piece over, insert router set to ~6mm (tab height + 2mm) in the contour and cleanly trim the tabs. Works great as long as your contour is 1/4" or wider.

I have started using a lot of 1/8" bits for most of my work at the moment so I do my detail cut and finishing passes with the 1/8" bit toolpath and then at the very end I chuck up a 1/4" up cut bit and do another pass (without finishing etc) with a 2-3mm “stock to leave” in Fusion 360. That causes the 1/4" cutter to widen the contour path so I can easily fit the trim router in to remove the tabs.


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Thanks yall! It’s finally the weekend and today is build day! Wish me luck!

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