Manual operation

Can the Longmill MK2 be operated manually? I am new to cnc and have a project in mind where I would like to be able to cut where I move the machine. Thank you for any tips/advice.

I have done just that, I was making a base for a cut off rum bottle that was going to be made into a lamp. I didn’t have enough clearance in one area because of raised letters on the glass. Anyway I was able to turn the router on and move it to clear a little room. The only thing is you are limited to up, down and eight ‘compass’ directions.

I only did it because my piece had already been out of the machine and I didn’t have a good way to establish zero again. To me it felt kinda wrong to operate the machine that way, and no where near as precise, but I didn’t see it as dangerous.

If there is something inherently dangerous or wrong about what I did I hope someone else will chime in to correct me.

Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate your time!

Welcome Trey

Learning to write g-code by hand provides a great learning experience. There are many examples out on you tube, here is one organization which provides courses to help you along.

There are others …

I use the manual method to surface the tops of my projects and the spoil board.
Have been happy with gSender regarding the ability to use rapid and jog manually, as well as the ability to adjust the distance/movements of all axis in the jog mode, as well as, the feed rate in rapid, but the movements are limited to the compass directions, as Michael stated.