Mark(ed) in Texas

In my effort to cut down on dust in my shop I have come to a complete stop. My shop is my garage and I have moved my computer inside of the house( dining room), next to garage. Thinking this would be great, climate control and no dust, in doing so I needed a 40 foot cable to hook up my computer. Computer works and after this I can’t connect to g-sender. I’ve moved cables around and it can’t locate the port. I can’t flash grbl and I have looked at options with no answer. One problem being when installing the port into the longboard the chip in the arduino fell out inside. I carefully took the case apart and as close as I can tell I got all of the pins located correctly and put everything back together. My question is this, did I do something to the Arduino chip or is my cable to long. This is mk1. Any suggestions, thanks everybody???

40 feet is very long for a USB cable connection, and is most likely the explanation for your problem.

My setup is similar in that I have a PC to run my CNC, but do my development work in my enclosed office space. The computers are part of my network, so I just transfer files back and forth.

Also, perhaps the solution is better dust collection. In addition to my shop-vac style vortex collector, I have a standalone HEPA filtering fan system (that I built) to get the fine stuff out of the air. If the particulates in the air are bad for your PC, then they are deadly (over time) for your respiratory system; worse than smoking packs a day.

I have my MK2 Longmill in my 10 x 20 garage and I use a desktop computer with a 32" monitor with a 1250 dust collector. I added a shop air purifier to help with the dust. Dust is always a problem!