Material guides for other lens

Is there a Material guides for the other lens (3 element , G7, G8) speed and power reference.

@Ssuthe5567 I would strongly recommend that you look on the LAHobbyGuy’s forum. You can join for free and he has available charts that you can burn in Lightburn that will can burn for each of your lenses, using the various materials that you will use.

Alternatively, I have one that I did from his plans, using speed ranges suited to our Long Mills. I can post that if you are interested.


It would be appreciated if you could post speed ranges for the Longmill.


@michou Here is the lightburn file for the chart that I made. When you run it, it will start burning from the fastest speed to the slowest. When you see that there is no longer any difference in the look of the burn, just stop it. That level will differ between materials. I have one for MDF and one for baltic birch plywood.

speedandpowerchart_1.lbrn (63.4 KB)

Grant, which sienci lens is this file for?

@chapklc The file is not set for any specific lens or for any specific laser, either. I have burned the file on MDF and baltic birch plywood. I have burned it with 3 different lenses. Now I know what settings to use with “real” projects using any of those three lenses. I just look on the test pieces, find the level of burn that I want, and set those parameters in LB.

This idea was not my creation. I first saw it on LAHobbyGuy’s site and forum. All I did was to follow his teaching and change the settings to better match the Long Mill’s specs.

I hope this is clear. If not, let me know.

I really did not want to have to learn another software.
i’m currently using vectric’s aspire with their laser module and the sienci laser.
I can get things to engrave with no problem…
What I can’t seem to do is simply cut 1/8" baltic birch…

Grant have you been able to “cut” through 1/8" baltic birch?

I have cut through 3mm baltic birch plywood, which is just shy of 1/8". I’ve done a dozen or so of these

My laser is not the Sienci unit. I bought it before Sienci released their unit. In speaking with Ikenna, I believe that the true power output of mine is very close to the Sienci.

I don’t cut much with mine. It’s much quicker to cut with the router. But, the boss likes the burnt edges on these so I use the laser.

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