Mill One maintenance

Hi all. Iā€™m new here as of today. I ordered a long mill and since delivery will be in March, I purchased a used Mill One (first gen I believe) to learn on over the winter.
I was wondering if there is any regular maintenance that should be performed on the Mill One.
Like greasing or otherwise. I have already updated the Arduino firmware and had the machine running a dry-cycle with no router attached and it seems to run fine but a bit of noise which might be normal.


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Our Maintenance page on the Mill One is here: How to clean and maintain your Mill One | Sienci Labs
and for the LongMill is here: Machine Maintenance

The general things to watch our for is the proper tightness in the v-wheels, keeping the rails clean, and making sure no fasteners are coming loose :slightly_smiling_face:

And no do not use grease on any part of the Mill One. That will attract dirt and debris to the area and the mass collection of dirt will just make a huge mess.

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