Mill One V3 Cabinet dimensional files

Hi, Looking for M1V3 drawings or pdf files that include dimensions. Have retrieved the Cabinet dxf file but they don’t give dimensions. Looking at doing a couple of cabinet tweaks & not having to re-invent the wheel so to speak would be nice.

Hi @Rusty_golfer, I think you should be able to get all the information you need here: Sienci Mill One V3 by SienciLabs - Thingiverse

Let me know if there’s anything else :+1:

Chris, I did download the files & the dxf file for the cabinet has a couple of hole diameters but no other dimensions as to placement of openings, holes ect. I loaded the file in OnShape, Inkscape & Autodesk’s viewer with no joy on dimensions. Russ

If you open up the “Sienci_Mill_One_V3_frame.dxf” file you’ll see that there’s a box to make sure the scale is correct. Select the line on the square and make sure that it matches the units in your software:

Once you’ve checked that the units match, you can now use your softwares measurement tool to get any of the dimensions you’re looking for:

Thanks Chris. I did find some pdf files on the facebook page that had some measurements to double check mine. I did start to layout measurements as you suggested in Inkscape although I have to stay a bit on my toes as for some reason even though I set the page properties & preferences to mm it keeps switching px instead every one in a while. I’m looking at extending the width about 6” in order to do some engraving & tooling on my cheese cutter & charcuterie boards.