Milling time aspire vs gsender

I know that time estimation will never be exact between programs, but I am having wildly different numbers and I am curious as to whether or not that is normal. I have a small set of v-carve letters that aspire says 10 minutes for, and gsender says 2 hours.

Also, why isn’t it possible for gsender to estimate time without being connected to the machine?

@Ptk16 I’ve never found Aspire or VCarvePro to be close to the actual run time. There is a function in both that you can adjust to get it closer. As for gsender, as with UGS and CNCjs, the “opening” time is frequently wildly off, but it settles down after a few minutes to something closer to actual.

As for why it has to be connected to the machine, the Sienci guys can better reply to that, but I would guess that, until gsender connects to the controller and reads the settings that you have in your controller. They can and do vary from machine to machine.

Yeah, I kind of figured I would need to run some files and take notes…but sheesh that’s off by a lot!

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