Mini Keypad Setup

@chrismakesstuff @gwilki or anybody else that may know. I am in the process of setting up my mini keypad to control the LongMill. I have a test version of gSender on my design computer and a production version on my cnc computer. Is there a way to set up the keybindings on the test version and move the settings to the production version without having to rekey the whole thing? In other words is there a setup module I can copy between computers to accomplish this? Honest, I’m really not lazy, promise!

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@Heyward43 I struck out on this one, H. I had not tried it, but figured that it would not be too hard to find the file. On my test machine, I went into keybindings and changed one. Then, I used file explorer to search on all files modified today. None came up. That makes no sense to me, as the keybindings file clearly has been changed. So, I’m lost. I will be interested to see what Chris tells you.

@gwilki - Thanks Grant. I figured you might have tried it. Did the same for me. There has to be some module that holds just the settings, I hope. I know it doesn’t take much to set them up and change them but thought it would be easier just to copy a module.

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Would a keymapping app work? You can save a profile and then transfer between computers. I’ve used a couple different ones in the past. I know they work with a standard keyboard, not sure about add-ons though.

Thanks @Gadget but I am using gSender’s built-in keymapping functionality. Because I am basically lazy sometimes I wanted to set up the key map on my design computer and transfer to my cnc computer. By lazy I mean why have to fill in twice.

Hey Heyward! Yeah it’s not a function built-in yet but there’s a way of doing it if you want to make nearly a carbon copy of your gSender settings from one computer to another:

  1. This will vary if you saved gSender to a different location on installation, but for most people you’ll be navigating to your C: Drive → Users → **Your name → AppData → Roaming → gSender.
  2. Once in the folder, you should see a .json file, likely called “gsender-0.5.6”. This file contains all the values contained within the settings menu (keymaps, jog values, probe values, etc.).
  3. Copy this file over to a thumb drive and head over to your other computer.
  4. Navigate to the gSender folder location on your other computer and locate this similar settings file.
  5. Be sure to close gSender first, then delete this file and paste in the file you copied over.
  6. Now when you reopen gSender, all of your settings should be brought over.

I haven’t tested this specific use-case but I think it should work out for you - let me know :slight_smile:



@chrismakesstuff @gwilki - Ok Chris. Copying that module worked. Thanks for that info. I did notice something though with the release number of that .json module. It’s reading 5.6 not 6.5. Is it supposed to be that way or is something mixed up. I am also in the same boat as Grant. Start, stop and pause don’t work at all and I use different keys. One last thing. I use the + sign for my Z+ jogging and it works fine. The problem I have with it is that on the keybinding page the edit will let me key it in and accept it but it doesn’t display the + sign on the line for Z+ jogging. It’s blank. If I go into edit again the screen shows blank for the current assignment but if I try to re-enter it, it says it’s already there. Hope that’s clear.

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Thanks for the feedback on this Heyward. Lots of new people using gSender now and many bugs coming in too so I’ll try to keep pace. As far as the file naming, it’s named properly. The number it has correlates to the last time we changed how the values were stored - if we were to update the file everyone would lose their current values :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: